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Palmer Lake Veterinary Clinic has an on-site, fully-stocked pharmacy of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications for your convenience and peace of mind.  When you purchase your pet’s medication from our pharmacy you can rest assured that the medication was obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under optimal conditions. Our trained staff will fill your prescriptions with care and attention to detail for your pet’s specific needs.  We will provide you with accurate information about your pet’s medications, including proper dosing information, and will alert you to any potential drug side effects or interactions. We are also here if you experience any problems with your medication after you return home. We stand behind every product that we dispense.

We carry a wide range of prescription medicines and prescription diets to keep your pet healthy, including:

Prescription Medications for most pet medical conditions, including: ear infections, internal parasites, eye problems, heart problems, immune problems, intestinal upset, respiratory infections, skin problems, thyroid deficiency or excess, and behavior issues.

Prescription Diets: We carry Hill’s Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Prescription Diets to treat, manage and prevent a wide range of health conditions your pet may develop.

Heartworm/Flea and Tick Preventatives: We stock Triheart oral preventative and Revolution topical preventative. Revolution topical also protects against fleas and ticks.  You can also order other products such as Comfortis, Sentinel and Trifexis; topical preventatives such as Advantix I; and Preventative Tick Collars and Sprays by ordering from our On-line Pharmacy.

Home Delivery

We now offer convenient home delivery of both pharmaceuticals and prescription diets from our NEW on-line pharmacy “WEBSTER VetSource”!

VetSource gives you 24/7 access to a large inventory of medications and prescription foods that are recommended by our clinic. VetSource also has a great reminder system that allows you to better keep track of when your pets’ medications are due.

Webster is a trusted distributor of veterinary products nationwide. When you order through VetSource, you know that the medication is coming straight from our distributors and directly from the source. Each product is guaranteed to be legal, in the original FDA-approved packaging, and carries all of the manufacturer’s guarantees. Many other online pharmacies are NOT supported by the manufacturer’s guarantees!

Just click on the VetSource or Epet health icons on the home page of this web site to place orders for medication refills to be sent directly to your home.