When it comes to keeping your beloved pet safe, microchipping is a crucial step. At Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital, we provide dependable and effective microchipping services that offer peace of mind.Our microchipping procedure is performed with precision and care.

How Is a Microchip Placed?

This minimally invasive process involves inserting a small microchip just beneath your pet’s skin using a sterile needle. Similar to vaccinations, it is a quick and relatively painless procedure for your pet.

Why Are Microchips Important?

While it is recommended to have an ID tag on your pet’s collar, accidents happen, and collars can get lost. Microchipping adds an extra layer of protection, acting as a permanent and reliable form of identification for your pet. In the unfortunate event of your pet going missing or getting separated, the microchip significantly increases the chances of a swift reunion. Our team will also help facilitate your microchip registration with your up-to-date contact information.

At our veterinary hospital, we utilize cutting-edge handheld microchip scanners. These advanced devices emit low-frequency radio waves to detect and read the microchip implanted in your pet. Once a microchip is detected, the scanner immediately transmits the unique ID number associated with your pet. With this information, we can promptly retrieve your contact details and reconnect you with your pet.

Dog and Cat Microchipping in Monument, CO

Our dedicated and experienced veterinary team understands the importance of your pet’s safety. With our reliable microchipping services, we prioritize your pet’s well-being and provide you with peace of mind. Rest assured that your pet’s identification is handled professionally when you select Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital.