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Urgent Vet Care at Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital

Same Day Availability with Convenient Online Booking. Experienced Team at Expanded Hours. Visit us for urgent veterinary care Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 4 PM. Closing time may vary based on staff availability and Urgent Care needs. Please verify by checking appointment availability.

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When do I need to visit a veterinary Urgent Care?

If you’re concerned, we’re concerned and we’re happy to see your pet.

Our veterinary urgent care is positioned to treat non-life-threatening conditions and symptoms. We do not treat emergencies nor provide overnight hospitalization.

We’ve included below in our FAQs the common conditions and symptoms we treat in an urgent care setting.

How does it work?

We know it can be stressful when you are concerned about your pet’s health. At Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital Urgent Care, we’ve created a simple five step process that helps your pet receive the care they need as soon as possible and reduces stress the moment you click to reserve your pet’s arrival time.

Our innovative process allows you to book your arrival time from the comfort of wherever you are, and as a result, your pet spends less time in the hospital waiting room. This reduces your pet’s stress, while still giving you the comfort of being seen the same day.

Step 1: Check in online or in person

We encourage you to always book an arrival time online; it remains the most real-time look into our availability. We do also accept walk-ins for urgent care services. A walk-in that has not booked first online will be triaged and given the next available arrival time.

Step 2: Admission

When you have checked into the hospital at your arrival time, your pet will be among the next to be seen. We will collect intake information from you and then take your pet’s weight and vitals. After our veterinary nurses have collected all the necessary information, they will convey this information to the veterinarian.

Step 3: Physical Exam

Your doctor will then conduct a nose to tail physical exam of your pet. We will discuss anything notable with you and present a personalized diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet.

Step 4: Diagnostics

Our hospital is equipped with point-of-care diagnostic equipment that allows for a prompt and thorough assessment of your pet. This equipment includes and is not limited to a full suite of in-house blood analyzers, ultrasound, and radiology equipment. Our veterinary nurses may collect samples from your pet either in the exam room or in our treatment area. We also have a wide range of treatment options to cover a variety of conditions. These range from sending your pet home with medications, providing intravenous medication or fluids, or even performing sedated procedures for minor lacerations. You’re an active participant in helping us create the best diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet.

Step 5: Back Home

Our team will review all discharge instructions with you specific to any medication being sent home and/or recommendations for follow-up and monitoring.



What types of animals do you see?

We treat dogs and cats at this time!

What are some issues you commonly treat?

At Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in addressing a wide range of pet health issues, including:


  • General stomach upset
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loose stools
  • Toxin/poison ingestion
  • Eating non-food items
  • Scooting from anal gland issues
  • Blood in stool
  • Parasites like worms


  • Red, itchy, flaky, or abnormal skin
  • Hot spots
  • Chewing paws
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Parasites like fleas and ticks
  • Hair loss
  • Ear infections
  • Allergies and allergic reactions


  • Lameness or limping
  • Difficulty standing or walking
  • Minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes
  • Pain management
  • Nail injuries
  • Minor dog/cat fight or bite wounds


  • Excessive drinking or urination
  • Inappropriate elimination (peeing in the house or outside the litterbox)
  • Dehydration or decreased water intake
  • Blood in the urine
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)


  • Squinting
  • Redness
  • Excessive tear production
  • Eye discharge
  • Facial rubbing
  • Pink eye or other infections


  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Sneezing
  • Excessive panting


  • Fever
  • Hiding
  • Behavior changes
  • Whining
  • Bad breath
  • Insect bites/stings
  • Palliative and end-of-life care

Additionally, our experienced team evaluates anything that appears unusual or concerning, even if not immediately life-threatening. We are committed to the overall well-being of your beloved pets.


We understand the difficult decisions that come with a pet's end-of-life stage. Our compassionate team at Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital offers euthanasia services, providing your pet with a peaceful transition.

At Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital, you can trust us to provide exceptional care for all your pet's needs.

What are your hours?

Our urgent care hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Starting at 4 PM. Closing time may vary based on staff availability and Urgent Care needs. Always visit our Book an Appointment page for available arrival times to see our most up-to-date hours.

How much does an urgent care visit cost?

At Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the best possible recommendations for your pet's care. We take pride in delivering high-quality services and never compromise on the standard of care we provide. However, we understand that veterinary care expenses can be a concern for pet owners. That's why we strive to be transparent with our costs and offer multiple treatment options whenever feasible. We will gladly provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan after completion of the doctor’s physical exam.

What is your clinic like?

Our clinic is located at 550 CO-105 Monument, CO 80132. We have convenient parking and are fully accessible. Our facility was newly renovated in 2023 and offers modern amenities and equipment to ensure your pet receives the best care. We have a spacious lobby and reception area, several exam rooms, and a state-of-the-art treatment area and surgical suite.

Do you offer general, non-urgent veterinary care?

Yes, we offer general practice veterinary care services as well! Please call or book an appointment online for these services as we do require appointments.

How do you work with my primary veterinarian?

At Palmer Lake Veterinary Hospital, we highly value our relationships with our veterinary care partners. We are happy to send your pet’s medical records to your primary veterinarian at the end of your pet’s urgent care exam if you instruct us to do so. We are also glad to provide additional follow-up information to your primary veterinarian should they need it to continue treatment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In order to maintain our high standard of service, we require that payment is made at the time services are rendered. We provide estimates for services when possible, and always provide estimates for surgeries and hospitalizations. If you have not received an estimate, you are welcome to request one at any time for your expected charges. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit/debit cards. We also encourage our clients to explore insurance and financing options including Trupanion and CareCredit.