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Dr. Jensen saved my dog! Newly moved to Palmer Lake, my small 12 pound dachshund was viciously attacked by a coyote. We had not even gotten a vet yet, so the emergency clinic in Colorado Springs recommended Dr. Jensen. We really did not think that our little Daffy would survive, but Dr. Jensen agreed to take on the responsibility of trying to save her life. It was 3 months of tender, dedicated care from Dr. Jensen before we even knew that Daffy would survive. Dr. Jensen saw her daily for a few weeks. She came in on her days off just for Daffy. Once or twice she took Daffy to her home because she was so worried about leaving her at the clinic overnight. Her whole staff was wonderful to Daffy and to me, the worried “mother”. After many trials, not sure if Daffy would make it…she became a survivor! Now it is 3 years later and you would never believe that she had ever been ripped up so terribly. She is an active, healthy dog…AND she LOVES to go to the vet