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Jade has loved animals since she was a kid, but wasn’t allowed to keep them in the house (for fear of getting hair everywhere). She has rescued wildlife animals that couldn’t live in their natural habitat: birds with broken wings, abandoned bunnies. She’s harbored a lot of birds, rabbits, gerbils, and at one point a cat named Socks (against her dad’s will, of course). Jade likes to dog-sit and cat-sit in her free time and loves to partake in anything outdoors which includes horseback riding (on her neighbor’s horse, Rush), hiking, camping, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. She is currently in the Pre-Veterinary program at UCCS with hopes of working toward a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at CSU in the future. She would be interested in specializing in exotics/wild life, and, one day, far down the road, open her own practice.