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End of life decisions are never easy for the pet owner, but we try to make the process peaceful, loving and humane.  To insure a smooth and peaceful transition, sedation drugs are first given through an I.V. catheter placed in one of the pet’s legs.  The sedative allows the pet to fall into a deep, peaceful and relaxed state of sleep.  A second injection is then given in the same I.V. catheter while the pet is sleeping.  He or she quietly passes away in their sleep.

House call euthanasia is a comforting way to address your pet’s end-of-life needs.  Many owners elect to have the euthanasia done at home because the whole family can be present and the pet is more relaxed in the home environment.

Crematory arrangements are made through our clinic with Homeward Bound in Colorado Springs.  The remains are picked up from our clinic and always treated with dignity and respect. Pet ashes can be brought back to the clinic by Homeward Bound and returned to the owner, if requested.